Preparing Your House for Pressure Washing

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Congratulations on hiring Admirable Pressure Washing! There are a few things you can do to prepare your home and surfaces before the company arrives. We will assume in this article that you are using a soft wash on the exterior of your home instead of a pressure washer which can cause damage.

Some of the following are necessary for Admirable Power Washing to do its job effectively. Some of the following are more for efficiency. All points should be considered before we arrive at your property. At Admirable Power Washing, we want to be as diligent as possible by catching any potential issues, but you know your home better than anyone.

Outdoor Water Source

  • Admirable Power Washing prefers to use your outdoor water source in order to complete the job. This is not to be cheap on our end but to actually save you money. We do have water tanks that we can fill and bring to the job site, but it will cost unnecessary gas and time. Even the largest water tanks often are not enough to complete a job, meaning the power washer will have to leave and refill before finishing your house wash. All of this equals time and money that will cost you much more than just using the city water through your spigot. If you do not have outdoor water access, make sure to communicate that with us so arrangements can be made.
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Close Everything!
  • Doors and windows: Double-check before we arrive! You may have closed them the night before but a family member could have come behind you and opened a window.
  • Garage doors: One, so they can be cleaned as well. Two, to prevent water from entering your garage.
  • Pet doors: Normal rain and weather may not affect your pet door much, but when there is water being directly sprayed at your house it might seep in. Better safe than sorry and seal the flap.
  • Problem areas: If you know of any leak problems please let the power washer know immediately. We cannot guarantee some water won’t get in, but we can certainly do our best to limit the amount.
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Furniture and Other Moveable Items

Make sure the area around your house is as clear as possible. This is important for a few reasons. The first is that we need room to move around and be able to reach all the nooks and crannies of your home’s exterior. If we have to navigate around too much patio furniture, for instance, it will take us longer and we may not be able to finish the job well. Unseen objects in the ground can also be dangerous for our technicians. You may know that there is a small lawn ornament on your lawn, but we will not. While we are focusing on your house wash or roof, we can not constantly check for tripping hazards. The final reason is that water and cleaning agents will inevitably get on some items. Any fabrics or items that you want to protect should definitely be taken inside.

Wind and over-spray will carry the cleaning agents, mold, old paint, etc. onto objects around the home. Our products are considered safe around plant growth, especially when diluted properly. However, to be safe, our technicians will lightly spray down landscaping at the beginning with just water so that the cleaning agents will roll off more easily.

A few things to look for…

  • Potted plants
  • Patio furniture
  • Fabrics
  • Toys
  • Decorations such as wind chimes or flags
  • Cars: Move your car to the back of the driveway or onto the street even if you are just getting a house wash
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In the same vein as above, consider anything electrical that is on the exterior.
  • Outlets need covers
  • Unplug any extension cords or otherwise
  • Any outdoor electronics such as a speaker system

  • Have you been meaning to trim back those bushes for a while? Or pull down the vines growing on the side of your home? This would be a good time. Not only can the plant block the house from being washed well, but can be contributing to the unwanted moss on your home.
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Children and Pets

Keep them inside. Communicate with us if you need to step outside or let your dog out to do business. This is for the safety of your pets and children as well as our workers. Even the friendliest of animals can cause a hazard for our workers.

Surface and Driveway Cleaning

If we have been hired to clean your driveway, please make sure your car(s) are in the garage or on the road. Especially if you are not at home while the work is being done. You may also choose to blow leaves and other debris off of the surface in advance. We can certainly do it ourselves, but if there is an excessive amount it may cost extra.

By following these above guidelines you are sure to be ready for your house wash or other cleaning. Ask us if we have any specific requests as well. You may put a little work into the prep, but it will be well worth it when you see the final results! Please contact us at Admirable Pressure Washing for any further questions! See you soon!